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If your household is like most homes in America, mornings are a hectic, harried time with everyone rushing about, frantic to get ready for work and school: anxious to get out the door and about their day. Arguably, when the bathroom is in a chaotic state, so often are those persons using it. Nothing can get everyone’s day off to a bad start like wanting to use the sink to shave or wash your face, only to find the sink clogged, or to jump in the shower and find there are no clean towels handy. Maintaining a clean and functional bathroom helps everyone in the household have a functional day. Setting aside a few minutes daily to maintain order in the bathroom will help clear the chaos. Whatever gets done in the time you can allocate is enough for today. Tomorrow’s time can include other tasks. What’s That Odor? Focus on anything that may have an unpleasant smell. Does the trash bin need to be emptied or damp towels put in the laundry? Is a toilet clogged or a drain sluggish? Locate the smell and enact a solution. Turn On The Fan Operate the bathroom exhaust fan while you are giving the bathroom a quick tidy up. The fan will remove excess moisture in the air and help prevent mold and mildew. Clear The Clutter Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom. Sort miscellaneous items and put them in their right place. De-cluttering will help clear vanity, cabinet tops, and the floor. This task includes picking up all the dirty laundry and putting it in the hamper. Put Bathroom Items Back Where They Belong Put the cap back on the toothpaste and return grooming tools and cosmetics to their spot in drawers or baskets. Whatever it may be, ensure each item is returned to its proper place. Tomorrow’s routine will be a lot smoother if you don’t have to waste time looking for your hairbrush. Put A Shine On Keep a bottle of organic bathroom cleaner under the sink. Use a sponge or disposable wipes to give a quick “lick and a promise” to shower/tub, bathroom sink and counter tops. You can do a detailed cleaning of all bathroom surfaces another day. Swish And Sweep Grab the toilet bowl brush and cleanser and do a quick swish of the bowl. Use a handful of disinfect wipes to clean outer toilet surfaces. Sweep the floor to remove debris and dust. Replenish And Replace Take a moment to replenish a fresh supply of towels. Replace toiletries and tissue. Sparkle And Shine Use disposable glass cleaning wipes to give mirrors and faucets a fast once over to restore sparkle and shine while disinfecting to remove germs and bacteria.

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As a home seller, you'll need to declutter your residence before you add it to the real estate market. By doing so, you'll be better equipped to ensure that your home makes a positive first impression on homebuyers. Decluttering also guarantees that you'll be able to get rid of unnecessary items prior to an upcoming move. Clutter may seem overwhelming, especially if you encounter tall stacks of items in your attic or basement. Fortunately, there are many quick, easy ways to get rid of unnecessary items, including: 1. Donate your items to charity. Do you have quality clothing, housewares or other items that you won't need in your new home? Donate them to charity, as this will allow you to give your items to an organization that will be able to provide them to families in need. Donating your unnecessary items to charity may enable you to receive a tax write-off as well. That way, you can provide these items to an inspirational charity and save money on your annual taxes. Many charities are available in cities and towns nationwide, too. Thus, you should have no trouble finding a charitable organization to accept your donations. 2. Sell your items online. Numerous websites are available that are designed to help you sell your items without delay. Therefore, you can list your items online and sell them to local or remote buyers. Listing your items online usually takes just a few minutes to complete. Plus, you can add descriptions and images to highlight your items to prospective buyers. Remember, when you list items online, you may or may not receive instant responses. But with a patient, diligent approach, you'll be better equipped to find interested buyers who will pick up items at your home. Or, you may be able to ship items to buyers in remote locations. 3. Throw out items that cannot be reused. If you find that you have many items that are in poor condition and can no longer be used, you should dispose of these belongings. In many cases, you will be able to put these items out with your weekly trash or drop them off at a local junkyard. On the other hand, an item like an old TV or a mercury thermometer may need to be taken to a hazardous waste facility for proper disposal. Are you uncertain about how to dispose of specific items that cannot be reused? Consult with your real estate agent, as this professional should be able to provide guidance and support. A real estate agent possesses the skills and know-how to help you simplify the process of decluttering, and ultimately, selling your home. As a result, this professional will be able to assist you during every step of the home selling journey. Take advantage of the aforementioned tips to ensure that you can enjoy a clutter-free home. By devoting the time and resources to eliminate excess items from your residence, you'll be able to minimize stress and guarantee that your residence is ready to be shown to prospective homebuyers.

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Stagger Shopping Trips To Save On The Food Budget One of the best was to save money on the family food budget is to do your food shopping at a different store each week. Watch the advertisements, clip coupons, and stock up on lead items significantly reduced to draw you to the business. Buy canned goods and other non-perishable items by the case to take advantage of deeply discounted sale items. By staggering you shopping between different stores each week, you will simplify shopping, save gas, and still tap into weekly bargains! Keep An Ice Chest In The Trunk When shopping for food in the summertime, always keep a sizeable ice chest in the trunk of the car. When running errands on a hot day, stash dairy, meat and frozen foods to prevent food spoilage. If you need ice to keep items cold, buy a few bags of frozen vegetables to use as ice bags; you won’t waste your money on melting ice, but rather you will have food items you can use. Remove Mineral Deposits With White Vinegar If faucets are not flowing the way they should or your showerhead is not pulsating the way it did when it was new, the culprit is likely a buildup of mineral deposits from hard water. Forget calling the plumber. White vinegar is a simple solution. Dissolve mineral deposits overnight by soaking the faucet filter or shower head in vinegar. Place a cup of white vinegar in a plastic food storage bag, position the bag over the end of the faucet or showerhead, securing with a rubber band. Leave in place for eight hours to restore water flow to full strength. Include this practice on all your faucets once every other month as a preventative measure to keep taps clean, fresh and flowing smoothly. Buy In Season Take advantage of the bounty of summer by buy vegetables and fruit in bulk and canning or freezing for winter consumption. Fresh from the farmer’s market and to your freezer or canned within hours, you will find a flavor and quality you can not savor from supermarket canned fruits and vegetables, you will save money and learn a new skill in the process. Home canning is gaining in popularity as more and more people seek to feed their family food free from pesticides and herbicides. If you are not an experienced canner, contact your county extension office for free classes, recipes, and helpful advice. Get The Most Out Of A Service Call If you have a need to call the plumber, electrician, appliance service repair person, vet, or home repair service, cultivate a relationship with your service techs. They are a world of helpful information and can give you a lot of tips and advice on how to prevent future problems. A casual conversation with you carpet cleaning crew, the plumber or lawn service are your best source for advice on how to do-it-yourself when a future problems arise and are an ideal source for helpful tips to keep your home appliances and components working at their peak performance.

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How frustrating is it when the drain is clogged? It really doesn’t matter which drain and whether or not it is in the kitchen or bathroom but inevitably there will be a clog. It seems to be at its worst when it is your turn at the sink. First let’s look in the cabinet and see if you have what we need to remedy the problem. Do you have baking soda? If you do, you are half way to an unclogged drain. Do you have vinegar? If yes, get your gloves, we are off to unclog the drain(s). First if you want to remove the hardware, that little drain stopper, go ahead. Keep in mind, it might be a yoga position of sorts to get under the sink. Sometimes the piping under a sink is so tight that it isn’t worth the effort, even if you are a yoga instructor. If you do opt to remove the drain plug, do remember to screw the cover back on the hole so that when you start this project, water isn’t pouring out under your sink and soaking your floor. Start with two to three teaspoons of backing soda. Baking soda is a “lifter” and letting is work its magic will begin the unclogging and lifting of all blockages. Once the backing soda is down the hatch, pour the same amount of vinegar, two to three teaspoons, into the drain. Can you hear the cleaning process, maybe even see the science experiment taking place? Let this home remedy sit for thirty minutes and return with hot water. Boil water in your tea kettle to ensure the proper temperature. You should be ready to put the hardware back under the sink in no time.